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RecentPopularRandomAll RatingsEpicLulzGnarlyOh Dang!Huh?All RatingsRatingAll TypesEpisodeVideoImagePollThis or ThatGameAll TypesType Loading...  Vote VoteAmy Rose VS. Rouge the BatPlay[1]210 20 48A Robot RebelsSonic X: Season 2: Ep. 29Play[2]370 36 103Little Chao LostSonic X: Season 1: Ep. 22Play[3]215 28 75A Dastardly DeedSonic X: Season 1: Ep. 25Play[4]1212 126 280The Dam ScamSonic X: Season 1: Ep. 18Play[5]871 124 277Depths of DangerSonic X: Season 1: Ep. 16Play[6]968 140 362Techno-TeacherSonic X: Season 1: Ep. 6Play[7]938 149 354Party HardlySonic X: Season 1: Ep. 7Play[8]1106 150 383The Last ResortSonic X: Season 1: Ep. 9Play[9]1441 221 531Missile Wrist RampageSonic X: Season 1: Ep. 3Play[10]1232 166 479Sonic to the RescueSonic X: Season 1: Ep. 2Play[11]14159 1079 2102Sonic Ring ThingPlay[12]339 29 56A Chaotic DaySonic X: Season 2: Ep. 28AdvertisementPlay[13]300 15 52Revenge of the RobotSonic X: Season 2: Ep. 31Play[14]393 47 110How to Catch a HedgehogSonic X: Season 1: Ep. 24Play[15]807 85 217The Adventures of Knuckles and HawkSonic X: Season 1: Ep. 17Play[16]476 65 151Fast FriendsSonic X: Season 1: Ep. 21Play[17]666 110 261Beating Eggman, Part 1Sonic X: Season 1: Ep. 12AdvertisementPlay[18]710 119 298Satellite SwindleSonic X: Season 1: Ep. 8Play[19]2132 287 635Cracking KnucklesSonic X: Season 1: Ep. 5Play[20]2047 220 605Chaos Control FreaksSonic X: Season 1: Ep. 1Advertisement[21]3354 517 1003Why does the new guy think he's a dog?Play[22]330 23 49Pure ChaosSonic X: Season 2: Ep. 27Play[23]131 14 33Head's Up, Tails!Sonic X: Season 2: Ep. 30Play[24]367 42 110Emerald AnniversarySonic X: Season 1: Ep. 23Play[25]335 39 100Countdown to ChaosSonic X: Season 1: Ep. 26AdvertisementPlay[26]480 59 160Cruise BluesSonic X: Season 1: Ep. 20Play[27]938 133 309Fly SpySonic X: Season 1: Ep. 11Play[28]897 146 329Unfair BallSonic X: Season 1: Ep. 10

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